Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Serenity Falls

Is that not a wonderful name for a waterfall? One of the places where my mind and heart find serenity is at the bottom of a large waterfall. It's one of my favorite places to be because I seem to listen more intently and hear God's voice more clearly. This past weekend was no different. Our family took a 12 mile bike ride [Jacson road 24 miles in all...we are so proud of him] to a mountain cabin for two nights. Breathtaking views of a glacier, the falls, and a swift mountain stream.

At the base of this waterfall, God impressed deeply upon my heart the truth of Psalm 121. I am continually being reminded that when I bring my nothing to the Savior, I get His everything. My neediness ushers me to freedom. "Oh how I need you Lord, to come and rescue me, to come and give me life." I realize that I am prone to wander...prone to trust in what God has done in me and forget what He has done for me. Mercy is what I need. When I minimize my sin or self-justify, the cross becomes less ,I rest in what God has done in me, and miss the power of His mercy and grace. But when I face my own shame and step into the light with it, I find rest and healing for my soul...like a waterfall called serenity over my heart and mind.

The trip was wonderful for our family. We are so thankful for the Sheldon family and their invitation to us to join them on this adventure. Enjoy the pics
Eklutna Lake...on the way to our cabin. See the princesses in their chariot?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wild Alaskan Salmon

Jacson and I floated on the Little Susitna River last weekend...41 miles over 3 days and 2 nights. Even though I'm a country boy from Gladeville, TN, fishing is not something I have ever been fond of. But we are becoming fishermen here. Actually, I think I like catching and not fishing...I've been told a fisherman can fish all day with nothing to show for it and still love it. I don't think I'm there.

This is the first fish Jacson and I have ever caught together...a "silver." I hooked it and Jacson reeled him in. Later in the day, the little man was hooking and landing "pinks" by himself. No one eats "pinks" up here because they don't taste good. They eat the "kings, reds, and silvers." But, from what I understand all of you in the lower 48 eat "pinks" every time you eat salmon. "Hey Jeff, does anyone eat pinks up here. No, but they feed them to the their dogs."

Hope you enjoy our dog food the next time you eat salmon. :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Courageous and Dependent

Courageous: not deterred by danger or pain.
Dependent: unable to do without.

This is what I saw in my son this week. And these are the two words the Lord sp0ke loudly into my heart. "Trust me in this new adventure. Be courageous. But don't forget that you're wholly dependent upon me for your strength."

Jacson wanted to go to a day camp this week at Kincaid Park called "Wilderness Skills." We are learning that his bent is towards learning new things and doing creative things. The camp was for kids that were 7-14. Jacson was the youngest kid in the camp. I was so proud of his courage. My heart was beating out of my chest as I dropped him off Monday morning...watching my little guy walk right in, and ask if he could play a board game with 2 other kids he'd never seen before. Jacson was not deterred by the unknown...but he was also dependent. "Dad, could you hang around for a while today?" "Sure, son. How about I stay here in the park the whole morning...that way you know I'm always close by."

The Lord spoke to me as I watched my son: "This is how I want your posture to be. Courageous and Dependent." His voice was very clear to me. Courage comes from knowing that "I am with you wherever you go." (Josha 1) Dependence comes from knowing that "apart from me, you can do nothing." (John 15).

So as I enter this new journey as a Care Pastor at ChangePoint Church here in Anchorage, I am embracing the words Courageous and Dependent. May it be true for you as well...that you have courage in the unknown of your life because you believe in the promise that Jesus is with you wherever you go. But that in your courage, you know and understand that Jesus is our only hope and sustenance.

Here are some pictures from our last week here. Like they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do...

Yes, those are two husky pups. We went to "consider getting one," and came home with two. My wife blindsided me and ganged up on me with 3 kids. I had no choice. Ellie is holding "Cody" and Jacson is holding "Shasta."

Fishing for "pinks" at Resurrection River in Hope, Alaska. Didn't get one though.