Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Girls Are Back!

It's been awhile since I've updated the blog...that's because I've been in survival mode the past 2 weeks. Lindsay and the girls got out of the cold and dark and enjoyed some much needed sun and longer days down in SoCal. Jacson and I held the fort down up here in Anchorage. We didn't get to go to Laguna Beach, swim in an outdoor pool (there are none here), or enjoy Disneyland; but we did hit the movies, a minor league hockey game, an indoor climbing gym, a jump zone, and go on a hike.

It was LONG two weeks and I'm so very thankful that are back home with us. I receive the blessing of my wife and kids so humbly and thankfully. It's overwhelming to me how much I love them. And there's just something indescribable about being on your knees at the airport watching your 4 year old and 2 year old run into your arms.

Quick update on other things:

Ministry is relational for me and I am enjoying the time the Lord gives me to come alongside people along their journey. It is such a gift for me to comfort others in the ways that I have been comforted. (I Cor. 1) The contexts for these relationships are time spent in my office or at coffee shops and through 5 different support/recovery groups I'm leading this semester.

The days are getting longer. I noticed today for the first time that it wasn't totally black when I dropped off Jacson at 9 AM. Uggghhh. In just one more month, we'll be back to 7 am to 7 pm daylight.

Lindsay is feeling much better this trimester. We are almost to the last trimester and find ourselves saying, "Brennyn is going to be here before we know it." May 15 is the due date.

Until next from Swain's from the Last Frontier.