Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wild Alaskan Salmon

Jacson and I floated on the Little Susitna River last weekend...41 miles over 3 days and 2 nights. Even though I'm a country boy from Gladeville, TN, fishing is not something I have ever been fond of. But we are becoming fishermen here. Actually, I think I like catching and not fishing...I've been told a fisherman can fish all day with nothing to show for it and still love it. I don't think I'm there.

This is the first fish Jacson and I have ever caught together...a "silver." I hooked it and Jacson reeled him in. Later in the day, the little man was hooking and landing "pinks" by himself. No one eats "pinks" up here because they don't taste good. They eat the "kings, reds, and silvers." But, from what I understand all of you in the lower 48 eat "pinks" every time you eat salmon. "Hey Jeff, does anyone eat pinks up here. No, but they feed them to the their dogs."

Hope you enjoy our dog food the next time you eat salmon. :)


Derek said...

Oh, I see. Haven't been gone long and you are already treating the "lower 48" with disdain.

hillary said...

Hello way up there! I am loving your blog! It makes us way down here feel connected to your grand adventures! Lindsay, CALL ME! Your old number is no longer working. How am I supposed to call you twice a month?! :) Love you guys!

hillary said...

ok just realized my message was being saved per your reading approval, so you are getting like three of the same message, because I thought it wasn't going through. Sorry! I am obviously new to the blogging world!

David said...

I wish I knew what a "silver" tasted like b/c I sure like the dog food I eat down here. Glad to see that you are taking well to the beautiful Alaskan landscape and continue to let us know how things are going. We are doing great and we just want you to know how much you have positively impacted our life by sharing with us that we can have an amazing relationship with Christ. We are constantly pursuing that relationship with Christ and we know we have you to thank. Take care and keep the pics and stories coming. The Corley's

Owen said...

I knew there was a reason I have not had salmon since Alaska. Except for one sushi joint; it was grody. Good to read the blog and see the facebook comments, brother.