Sunday, September 28, 2008

This is where we live!

The ballpark. That's the city behind us.
New Friends. Good Times. Worship His Majesty.
There is no snow in the city yet, but up here...yes, plenty of it.
Glad Savannah had her walking stick!
Fall in Anchorage. These are good days for our family!


Heather said...

Jealousy, envy, however you want to put it , I don't do to well when it comes to this sin. I may have to stop reading your blog for a while to get it under control , seriously , dude, the views are unbelieveable. Matt called me in the room to look at it b/c he knew I would be jealous. What great memories and fun times for your family!!!! So far the only memories we are creating for our kids are cleaning up after Ike!! We love y'all!!!

Owen said...

Swain, beautiful, bro. The ballpark in wintertime is a beauty, though I never made it there. A little envious right now, and glad to see the SoCal weather didn't soften you much :)