Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jacson is 8!

We are praising God for our little boy, Jacson. He is a kind-hearted an compassionate little guy who is learning who He is and how much Jesus and his family loves him.

Thank you Lord for my son. We celebrate his 8 years of life.

We had a party for him yesterday...took 4 of his little buddies to a jump zone deal here in Anchorage and came home for pizza and cake. Lindsay even made him a really good soccer cake.


Heather said...

I am beyond impressed with the cake!! It looks great! Happy Birthday Jacson!!

David said...

Happy Birthday Jacson!

The Corley's

Jillian said...

Linds - you're so domestic with that awesome cake! Looks amazing!! Happy Birthday, Jacson!! Wish I had been there to celebrate. He is, after all, my favorite kid on the face of this earth. Love my Swain family!