Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring is Here...Among other things

It has been quite awhile since I've posted...thanks for your patience. I am hoping to get a couple posts up a month, but that hasn't been the case the last two. I've encouraged Lindsay to write some....hopefully soon.

Today is bright blue skies and 58. We are finally out of the snow! 7 months is a LONG winter. April is called "breakup" here...when all the snow melts and the ice melts away. We have been told that things bloom here in May...over the course of one week, the entire city goes from brown (where it is now) to green.

People "down south" are always so intrigued by the light and darkness here. Currently, the light is coming up around 5 AM and it gets dark right at 10 PM. It's weird getting used the daylight in the summer months. We are about 2 months away from the longest day, when it gets dusky and then the sun comes up again. Last summer, we taped black plastic over our windows. This summer, we are going to invest in some blackout blinds.

The biggest news right now is the coming birth of Brennyn Grace. Lindsay's due date is May 15, but all of our kids came early. Really, any day could be "baby day." We are hoping to get to May...so that the kids can have their own month. Jacson is Feb...Savannah is March...Ellie is April... Additionally, my mom and dad will be here for 2 weeks on May 12. It would be ideal for Brennyn to come when they are here to help.

Jacson has 3 weeks left in 2nd Grade. He has had a great year here. He will be starting soccer soon...as will Ellie...her first run at youth sports. She still runs like a little princess with her hands at her shoulders floating up and down. I've been working with her though...teaching her how to pump those arms to get more speed. (smile)

Savannah is chilling...oblivious to the fact that her world is about to be rocked by not being the baby anymore...should be interesting.

I'm still blessed to be walking with people at our church. I enjoy the simplicity of my role...to be available those who are hurting and hungry for hope and grace. I'm also now on the teaching team...preaching once a month. You can listen in if you like at www.changepointalaska.com.

Hope this note finds you well. Let us know how things are going in the "Lower 48."


This is Savannah...sludging through melting snow...looking for eggs...wearing a sun dress, heavy coat and snow boots...with her halloween bucket.

This is me and my buddies making up on top of bird ridge...best hike of my life!


Kristin Vanzant said...

LOVE the new post Jason! :)
We are missing you guys...

Praying for that sweet baby girl's arrival... SOON! :)

Love to Lindsay too...
Kristin Vanzant
(and fam)

Owen said...

Love hearing how you guys are doing, Swain. I've hiked to pont 3505 on Bird Ridge; you got to finish--nice! Was it slippery with all the snow?