Saturday, July 5, 2008

First Days in Alaska!

We are full of feelings as we make this, loneliness, sadness. It's tough to start over relationally (we just did this in Jan 07 when we moved to LA), but we are so hopeful and confident that this is right where the Lord has us.

Pictures speak louder than what I can articulate at this point in our journey here you go:

Watching the sea planes take off and land at Lake Spenard!
A "baby moose" in the backyard of the house we were staying at. The sucker was huge. The kids were singing..."moosey, moosey, moosey on the loosey, loosey, loosey!"
New friends. These are the Cowell girls. There dad and I will be serving together at ChangePoint Church.
Jacson with Drew and David Schulte on the 4th of July. Nice view!
4th of July pic in front of our new 10:30 PM.
Sillyness on the 10:30 PM!


dee & barbi said...

JAson and Lindsay: We are excited for you and your family as you begin a new adventure in Alaska. Our prayers are with you, especially you, Lindsay as you leave your family and CA behind. May what lies ahead be worth the cost!! Keep us posted. Jason, are you getting to do what you love?? We loved the pictures of your family as well. Dee & Barbi

Applied Catalysts said...

Thanks for posting. Love the pics. 1030pm pic was a shocker. Davis and I are praying for you daily. Love you and miss you, but great to be able to tell others we have friends in Alaska!!!

redeemedintohope said...

i want more more more. love you guys

Drake DNA said...

Hello Swains!
Glad to hear and see that you kids are having a blast! The pictures of the moose and the one at 10:30pm were cool. Glad to see you are following God's plan. Dean says hello to you all and Hi Jacson! Keep us in the loop. Talk to you all soon!
The Drakes
Go U.S.C!!!!