Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Polar Bear, Grizzly, and Mountain Lion

Lindsay and I met a couple at our church this weekend that invited us over for dinner tonight. They are our age but don't have kids. (we warned them beforehand and they invited us over anyway) I looked over while we were getting things together to eat and saw Jacson jumping off the arm of the couch into the cushions and hearing Stacey say "oh my." Doug is from Zimbabwe and has an accent...Ellie asked him why he spoke Spanish. What? After finally sitting down the eat Moose hot dogs and fresh salmon from the Russian River, Ellie threw a fit because she wanted to sit next to Mommy. Finally, after she was disciplined in the bathroom we all sat down to say grace. I said, "We are the Swain's and we'll never be back in your home again." They laughed. Later they laughed again said "it's fine" when Savannah got ketchup on their carpet. I bet they weren't saying that when they scrubbed it after we left. I was shocked when Doug invited me to mountain bike with him on Sunday at the end of the evening. :)

So...we didn't know this when we arrived, but Doug and Stacey are quite the hunters. As you walk into their home you see the mounted Mountain Lion. And then when you round the corner you see the HUGE Polar Bear and Grizzly Bear in the living room. Our kids were fascinated...I was too. Stacey is the only woman in the world to have killed all four kinds of bear (grizzly, polar, brown, black) with a bow. Doug is a former professional hunting guide in Africa and specialized in Elephant and Lion kills. Looking at his pictures was a total "WOW." Toto, we are not in Tennessee anymore.

It was a great night...experiencing new things with new friends. I'll be sure to post a picture when I kill my first big game animal.


Derek said...

Wow... that's crazy! How come you didn't act like a tourist and take pictures of those animals in their house?!?! =)

Jason and Lindsay Swain said...

If I would have had my camera...I would have taken pictures. I was bummed I didn't have it.

Lori said...

Hi Guys, We met you guys at the Olson's house a few weeks before you left and I found a link to your blog through Holly and Brett Durham's blog. I really enjoyed reading about your adventures so far and also seeing your pictures. Leaving the familiar and being in a new place can be so hard but you guys have taken this huge step of faith with God's leading and it will be exciting to see what God has for you guys there. Hang in there! -Lori (and Ken) Way

redeemedintohope said...

love you guys...more.