Friday, November 21, 2008

Eklutna Canyon Ice Climb

This is me and my buddy Adam. Thanks for the invite brother!
I was a bit nervous at this point in the climb.

So I got invited to go on my first ice climbing expedition. About 30 minutes from my house and a 45 minute hike into a frozen river gorge and we were there. It was a breathtaking view standing at the was a bit more fearful looking down after climbing up a frozen 160 ft waterfall.

Experienced something I never even dreamed of doing...


Derek said...

That looks WILD... and AWESOME! Nice work. I'm glad you are getting to experience some of the crazy adventure that you thought Alaska would mean for you and your fam! Miss you guys!

Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

Chris is jealous!!

Drake DNA said...

Jason, I am very proud of you showing no fear in the midst of danger. It reminds me of when you went head to head with the ump at Jacson and Dean's game...Lol. No fear! We are happy to hear that you are expecting another little one...congrats! Looks like you guys are doing awesome, we love reading your blogs. You're awesome bro! Tell everybody Hi from the Drakes. Take care my brother!
P.S......we love Palin! betcha! :)